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Advance your career with a world class Masters in 1.5 years 

IACS International is proudly collaborating with Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS to present an opportunity for professionals to advance their career potential through its online Masters programmes!

Programmes start from USD 6240

Be Part of a World Class Institution

  • Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) is a Malaysian research university established since 1997, wholly owned by PETRONAS, Malaysia's oil and gas multinational corporation. It offers a wide range of industry-relevant engineering, science and technology programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, designed with strong input from industry experts.  

Our Alumni works for 

  • Oil & Gas Operators : PETRONAS, Shell, BP, TOTAL, Sapura, Weatherford, ExxonMobil, JXTG, Nippon Oil and Energy, ConocoPhillips

  • Oil & Gas Service Providers : Baker Hughes, General Electric, BASF, Petrofac, Scomi, AkerSolutions, Schlumberger, Halliburton 

  • Electronic and Telecommunications: Intel, AMD, HP,  Western Digital, Dell, Sony, Motorola

  • Automotive: Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi Motors, Proton, DRB Hicom

  • Banking and Financial : HSBC, CITIBANK 


No. 1 University in Malaysia 

No. 1 Private University in ASEAN

Ranked 63 World University Rankings 2023 - Asia 

Ranked 79 World University Rankings 

MBA in Energy Management

  • Program Focus: The program is designed for professionals in the energy sector, emphasizing enhancing managerial capabilities in energy management amidst global sustainability challenges. The program supports Malaysia's Carbon-Neutral 2030 blueprint.

  • Modular Structure: The program is modular, developed jointly with PETRONAS engineers and other reputable energy management companies, providing industry-backed education. It is available in flexible formats including on-campus, online, or blended learning at UTP’s CAPE in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Flexible Learning Options: The program offers flexible learning modalities including Open Distance Learning (ODL), accommodating both working professionals and students with tight schedules, allowing them to choose the best mode of study.

  • Industry Integration: Students gain real-world insights through industry-based projects and case studies, and have the opportunity to network with industry experts and peers. This hands-on approach helps in leveraging real-time industry data and trends for practical learning.

Msc in Asset Management & Maintenance

  • Program Focus: The program is tailored for professionals in industries like oil and gas, power, manufacturing, infrastructure, and public sectors, focusing on strategic asset management practices to reduce costs, extend asset life, and support environmental and safety standards.

  • Collaborative Design: Developed in partnership with PETRONAS and other industry leaders, the program integrates practical learning with real industry challenges, supported by seasoned industry experts and academic lecturers.

  • Flexible Learning Options: The program offers flexible learning modalities including Open Distance Learning (ODL), accommodating both working professionals and students with tight schedules, allowing them to choose the best mode of study.

  • Industry Engagement and Career Advancement: Through project-based assignments, the program leverages real industry data and evidence-based management practices, preparing students to effectively contribute to and lead within their fields by enhancing their strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.

Msc in Electronic System Engineering

  • Program Focus: The program is designed for junior to mid-career engineering professionals looking to advance their skills in Industry 4.0 technologies. It covers critical areas such as artificial intelligence, autonomous robotic systems, and wearable technologies, focusing on the needs of Malaysia's electronics system hubs.

  • Industry Collaboration: The course is developed in conjunction with engineering architects from multinational chipmakers and engineers from major oil and gas firms. This collaboration ensures that the curriculum is grounded in real-world applications and prepares students for significant industry challenges.

  • Flexible Learning Options: Students can opt for an Open Distance Learning (ODL) format, allowing them to balance studies with professional commitments, ensuring accessibility to the program despite busy schedules.

  • Career and Skills Development: The program emphasizes practical training with industry-derived projects and frequent interactions with technology leaders. This approach aims to boost the students’ careers by aligning their training with the latest industry trends and innovations, thereby preparing them to implement cutting-edge solutions in their fields.

Msc in Offshore Engineering

  • Program Focus: This program is tailored for engineering professionals aiming to specialize in the offshore sector, particularly in oil and gas. It addresses the industry’s dynamic needs through R&D, aiming to innovate and transform offshore engineering practices.

  • Collaborative and Industry-Driven Curriculum: The course is jointly developed with PETRONAS Technical Professionals and supported by industry consultants. This ensures that the curriculum meets stringent offshore industry requirements and regulations, preparing graduates to tackle the industry's most complex challenges.

  • Flexible Learning Options: The program offers Open Distance Learning (ODL) capabilities, which provide flexibility for students to engage in learning either on campus, online, or through a blend of both, accommodating varied professional schedules.

  • Practical and Career-Oriented Approaches: Through industry-supported projects and assignments, students gain real-world experience. The program aims to build a pipeline of highly skilled offshore engineering specialists, offering students opportunities to engage directly with industry leaders and apply cutting-edge technology in real-world scenarios.

Msc in Process Integration

  • Program Focus: This program targets junior to mid-career professionals, particularly in the oil, gas, and downstream sectors. It aims to prepare students to implement Industry 4.0 and lead advanced chemical process design projects, bridging technology gaps and driving innovation.

  • Collaborative and Industry-Linked Curriculum: Jointly developed with PETRONAS' experienced engineers, the program is designed to deliver cutting-edge knowledge and industry-supported projects, focusing on optimizing processes to increase sustainability and efficiency.

  • Flexible Learning and Industry Projects: Students can choose between online and on-campus classes, making it suitable for working professionals. The program includes options for a 4-month industrial attachment or a project using real industry-derived data, enhancing practical learning experiences.

  • Career Enhancement and Skills Development: The program emphasizes growing technical expertise through industry-specific projects and potential industrial attachments, aiming to produce skilled process system engineers ready to tackle global challenges in process industries.

Msc in Petroleum Geoscience

  • Program Focus: This program is designed for specialists in the oil and gas sector, particularly focusing on the exploration and production (E&P) aspect. It aims to prepare students to address complex geological challenges and drive innovation in hydrocarbon exploitation.

  • Innovative Learning Approaches: The course includes digitally enabled and immersive VR learning experiences, where students can engage in virtual hydrocarbon field-work using 3D seismic visualization technologies to enhance their understanding and skills.

  • Industry Collaboration and Flexibility: The program is developed in collaboration with top geoscientists and offers flexible learning options through its Open Distance Learning (ODL) program, making it accessible for working professionals.

  • Practical Industry Engagement: Students benefit from a 4-month industrial-related project, allowing them to apply their learning in real-world contexts. The program also integrates data analytics to evaluate and characterize real data from various hydrocarbon fields and reservoirs across selected petroleum sites throughout Malaysia.

Msc in Process Safety

  • Program Focus: This program is designed for professionals in asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and pharmaceuticals. It focuses on the critical role of process safety engineers in ensuring safe operations, especially as technology and industry regulations evolve.

  • Collaborative and Industry-Supported Curriculum: Developed in partnership with PETRONAS, the IChemE Safety Centre, and the MKO Process Safety Centre, the curriculum is designed to offer comprehensive coverage of process safety disciplines including hazard properties, system design, and risk analysis.

  • Practical and Innovative Learning Approaches: The program offers project-based assignments using real industry data, and leverages innovative teaching methods like immersive VR learning environments to simulate real-world scenarios.

  • Career Enhancement and Industry Connections: Established in 2017, the program is Malaysia’s first dedicated process safety master's degree, providing graduates with unique opportunities to become leaders in process safety through engagement with senior industry experts and access to major hazard installations insights.

Msc in Applied Computing

  • Program Focus: This program is designed for ICT and STEM professionals to prepare them for key roles in the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies like AI and IoT. It focuses on advancing digital transformation initiatives across various industries.

  • Industry Collaboration: The program is developed in collaboration with PETRONAS’ ICT experts and various industry players, ensuring that the curriculum is aligned with the latest industry standards and technological advancements.

  • Flexible Learning Options: It offers an Open Distance Learning (ODL) option to provide flexibility for working professionals, allowing them to choose the best mode of learning to fit their schedules and continue their professional growth without interruption.

  • Specializations and Practical Learning: The program emphasizes becoming data analytics and enterprise system specialists. It includes project-based assignments to develop practical skills in deploying technology-driven innovations and strategic industry-focused education, preparing graduates to lead digital transformation efforts effectively.

Msc in Corrosion Engineering

  • Program Focus: The program is designed to address the critical needs of industries like oil and gas, utilities, and transportation that are impacted by corrosion. It emphasizes the importance of corrosion management and the potential cost savings it can offer to global industries, highlighting the program's alignment with industrial needs for reducing economic losses due to corrosion.

  • Collaboration and Expertise: The curriculum is developed in collaboration with PETRONAS and other industry experts, ensuring that students receive education that is both relevant and backed by real-world applications. This includes access to world-class laboratories such as high pressure autoclaves and electrochemistry labs.

  • Innovative Learning Options: The program offers advanced training in corrosion control techniques, including exposure to state-of-the-art research facilities and practical assignments that utilize real industry data. This hands-on approach helps students understand and solve complex corrosion issues.

  • Career Development and Opportunities: Graduates of the program are prepared to take on significant roles in industries affected by corrosion, benefiting from UTP's strong industry links and expert-driven training. This prepares them for careers focused on enhancing durability and efficiency in various sectors through effective corrosion management strategies.

Msc in Drilling Engineering

  • Program Focus: The program is designed to address the global energy transition by training students to be the forefront in innovative drilling technologies. It is the only program of its kind in Asia and one of two worldwide, making it a unique educational opportunity.

  • Industry Collaboration and Training: The program is developed in collaboration with PETRONAS and other industry leaders, offering students intensive training in drilling, including a 10-day offshore rig training and well control certification that is recognized internationally.

  • Practical Learning and Exposure: Students gain real-time industry exposure by monitoring live drilling activities and participating in field trips that cover drilling hazards, technical limits, HSE, and risk management.

  • Career Development and Industry Ties: The curriculum leverages a vast industry network, providing opportunities for industry attachment and project-based learning using real industry-derived data. This is aimed at boosting technical expertise and preparing students for high-demand roles in the drilling sector.

Msc in Industrial Environmental Engineering

  • Program Focus: The program is designed for environmental managers and executives looking to implement sustainable solutions and establish a link between engineering stewardship and global sustainability efforts. It targets professionals poised to innovate and lead with sustainable industrial practices.

  • Collaboration and Industry-Backed Education: The curriculum is jointly developed with PETRONAS' Technical Professionals in Environmental Management, ensuring that it meets the stringent requirements of environmental regulations and supports the global sustainability mission of the industry.

  • Practical Learning and Industry Integration: The program leverages UTP's strong industry connections to provide hands-on learning through projects with PETRONAS and other companies. This includes projects and assignments that incorporate real industry-derived analytical data.

  • Career and Future Focus: The course prepares students for promising career opportunities with a focus on essential areas such as environmental management, risk management, and pollution prevention. It aims to equip graduates to lead sector-wide transitions towards more sustainable industrial practices.

Msc in Petroleum Engineering

  • Program Focus: The program is crafted to meet the demands of the evolving oil and gas industry, focusing on equipping graduates to handle the challenges and opportunities of less accessible hydrocarbon resources. The program aims to power advanced technologies for extracting these resources and providing research, production, and consulting opportunities to its graduates.

  • Collaborative and Industry-Backed Curriculum: Developed in collaboration with PETRONAS and other industry leaders, the program offers a modular-based curriculum that aligns with the global mission of the industry, providing students with an industry-backed educational experience.

  • Advanced Training and Exposure: The program includes hands-on training opportunities, such as well control certification and deep technical exposure to real-world oil and gas operations, ensuring that students gain practical and applicable skills.

  • Career Opportunities and Industry Readiness: With its strong industry ties, including collaborations with major oil and gas services companies like Shell and Schlumberger, the program is designed to prepare students for significant roles within the industry, leveraging real industry data for project-based assignments and offering a pathway to a diverse range of career opportunities.

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